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Hey. My friend ML is seriously considering taking her own life tonight. I would very much appreciate it if you could send her some words of encouragement to get her through the night.


Take a few minutes, write her a nice message. It doesn’t have to be flashy or really long. Even a simple “you matter” will suffice. 

Please help me out here.



hey guys

I just made out this blog to spread the news on how the system of my country is, and also to make sure that we’re not alone on this situation. Hopefully this will get enough notes so that we can show up other citizens to start getting aware that this system also need changes. English is not my native language and sorry if this seems confusing, but I have got no other idea.

I live in Mexico, and here almost everything concerning sexuality remains as a taboo. So everytime someone sees people that are different, nasty comments about them are not missing.

I have this friend, Tonatiuh, he’s a transgender person, and when he found out about what he really wanted, fortunately he found no disgusting comments or compalints from any of his parents, friends, relatives, and professors.

People did talk about this. There were rude persons, but Tonatiuh didn’t care at all, for he knew he wasn’t alone and that the people who were important for him were truly supporting his decision. Back then he was really happy.

But just a few months ago, on December, it was Friday, when he was walking home, he encountered these group of boys who bullied him ever since he decided to become a male. At first he tried to ignore them, but soon they started going after him, and although he ran the fastest he could, they soon reached him and started bashing him. The whole thing ended up in a rape. They raped Tonatiuh and left him alone, on the floor, with no mobile phone nor money. Fortunately an old woman saw him lying there in the street and helped him out. Tonatiuh told his parents, and the next Monday they decided to go denounce these deliquents with the direction, they said they’ll investigate the case, the guys were found and they were punished and expelled. There was no trial, so they didn’t go to jail, they just stopped going to school.

Just on late February, Tonatiuh realised he was no longer having his period (because he has still female parts in his body) and got afraid, because he never had it delayed before. His chest was also incresing a bit so he decide to go consult the Doctor. He had some analysis and found out he was pregnant.

Her parents awaited no more and soon they raised a sue against those boys, but there has been a week and they’re still awaiting for an answer. However, it seems that the authorities have abandoned the case, as always, here in my country, left-behind cases are pretty common, and this is why people prefer not going and denounce things anymore. This might explain quite well why there’s lots of corruption in here.

Tonatiuh soon fell into a great depression, his notes decreased (he was an award-winning student), most of his friends left him, he started getting a bot agressive, soon he was not going to school anymore, he locked himself into his bedroom, starved, didn’t sleep and spent most of his days crying.

He has told us that he doesn’t want to live anymore. And I, his closest friend, am also very worried, and considered even moving to his house to keep taking care of him.

He also told me that he found a place where arsenic is pretty cheap, and that soon he will kill himself by sipping a glass of water with arsenic on it. I begged, cried, asked and even demmanded him to reconsider this decision, but his answer always was “Nobody will cry because I died, so, why am I still awaiting?”

I promised him and myself that I will show him that even strangers actually care about him, so he said that if this post gets over 50,000 notes in less than a week, he will try to re-build his life again, but if this doesn’t, well, soon you’ll find us,his parents, family, friends, classmates, fighting him to make him understand that he just can’t say to hell with this and end with his life.

I beg you to like and reblog this, whatever, just to make him understand that he is not alone, and that even strangers care about his existence.





Read the posts, they could still be alive! encourage them to keep going!


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